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    March 19, 2013
    12:30 - 1:00am PDT  

we get the slides up again one more time please. >> and we have the chinese new year parade just this past weekend and we have been doing bike towers and public towers and we are starting a children's curriculum program and it's to build key advocates for the project and we have a imrp of proke folks more supportive of digester project and we have a lot of citizens who come and show concern about the project and we will be getting neighborhood organization and we are starting do the work with work supervisor and is legislative aids and the structure starting this spring we are holding public workshops and we have online tools that folks can weigh-in on our project and so we can get people and opinions very easily. the link for the inonline planning. >> i can get it to you it is
going to be under the s f we will supply that to you --, it's not available now. >> i don't believe it's available now you can send in any question or comment now to just s f order.ordinary care organize and ssi p something so any question on the project. we have a communications team that takes that question and filters it through us and responds back and but we also want to use tools where people don't necessarily have to a tent ten the public meeting or we have a communication that leads a different type of communication called midnight where there was people that spend an hour learning about the wastewater system and that same group toured the southeast plans and we didn't serve drinks only 30 people came to that but we
really want to build a different type of advocatey and use social media to build that thank you. and then the next steps are p -- a big deal and i know many focus in the audience have been waiting for this to happen and we will be work with closely with today resi stromb and joule yet on the study that willing a critical companion that is going on a plan that was present to you will be further ri find and further than two-three years that he selected but we will come back to the commission on a quarterly basis and the risk mitigation strategies and now we have identified that we have programmatic risk and how we can button that up so we don't lose respect in the future and also the public outreach and what feedback we are getting in not just what we are putting out.
thank you so much. >> on the mitt gracious issue and in term of public outreach my question is very sin simp on that what kind of inconveniences are is this communicate going toen compound with this project are the streets going to be closed? excess traffic with trucks going back and forth. construct impacts particularly at southeast border water facility we will have improvements on the biofuel side and the liquid side and that is going to result in you trucks coming in and out of the neighborhood and we can arrange site stannelling equipment so that can be mitigated and work out with the neighbor but for other things like the central bay side improvement project we will have a large tunnel being built and we will need to have an access portal and that will
be a deep hole partly in the public right of way because of the large amount of congestion and density that we have at the start of that tunnel. because the tunnel will be starting where you come on 280 right where the condominiumless are right there the trains going there you have condo and is you have a large amount of density right where you are going to start that.. >> and also what measures will be taken to ensure the safety of children that live in the community, air quality. and the environmental review that looks at public air impacts and so we have many things built into our plan and specks for dust control, hours of work, noise, anything that would present neighbors from being upset or the health of children or elderly. >> and i'm also concerned about children crossing the streets are we going to provide
more guards for them in that - ircross crossing guards and traffic control and minute aye routes we worked with minute aye routes if a vat is not safe for someone to get on the bus and so we work very closely with other city departments on all of our plans but it would require a traffic plan and a traffic rerouteing plan. >> and i would i want to point out that most of work in the southeast is within our footprint. we are looking at acquiring some land as one of the options as putting the digesters away from the community to put a better technology to reduce the smell but moving it further away from the community, so, the neighbors. so, that is but irright we are going through an e i r process where we will document all of these concern and address them. >> so there is comment that suggest that these digesters may
not be in the can you repeat space. i believe that is safe to say. >> mr. president and mr. cruz, we do have the benefit of two city projects ongoing right now in dense urban environments both the terminal project and the central subway project and one with deep excavation and under a tunnel and we will be working with the m ta and the agency to find out their lessons learned and with respect to the pedestrian control and use all of the effective measure that is those programs have used on this project during the planning phase we will include all of those within our requirements for mitt gage and then we will go on and regularly monitor that administrate gages plan and report to the community so they can see that the contractors are in fact holding to all of the mitigation plans as it relates to the public and the cracker staff. >> well that is very good but
i live in a community where there is currently construction going on in the streets and there is no dust control there and i have to wash my car and clean my car often because of all of the dust not to mention the house and the windows who pace for that? again, i don't know who's in charge of your project. i can try to find that out for you but in the project --. >> that is not why i raised it.. >> that stems from the past and into the future and dust control is a problem because they all have an impact and you said we are looking into it and i respect that but i want to know what about what are the steps that are going to be articulate and had certainly we will be able to come back to the admissioner review the mitigation issues that we have sided to present that to the public as well. >> any questions from
members, yes, commissioner. >> thank you mr. president two comments on the question, first comment is that we have talked selftimes about the investment that we put into s s -- we set on the ont prompt contract management systems and we have talked about the need to take that knowledge and that investment and extend it through the organization and it's clear that you are doing that here and i appreciate that very much. also clear elsewhere in your report, that,that is being done in the hetchy project as well and we have spend that had else where so thank you for that and like i said, that will serve us very well and the second comment is that the risk management plan is something that i hope you all share with this commission in part because it will help us focus on the things that we need to pay attention to in the areas that you need support from this commission to make sure that we stay on scheduled and on budget
as well. so that is a toll not only for your own management but, i think we will benefit in that as well. finally my question. >> and lots of things that you have taken the trouble to think about the bottom line and thinking further and the question is what kind of decisions can the commission pep expect that you think will have an effect on that presentation. >> we will be able to use that decision-making for an alternative analysis and several several the green infrastructure project were things that were already movings and we will use that to compare alternative and is like commissioner torres was saying does it help with public safety and continued greenings and habitat and water quality benefit and is we want to use that for all the projects and
we want to use that for early implementation project as well as a biogas study that we did for oceanside and worework out any bugs but we intrepid to use it for strong order type project as well as treatment plan projects and that may be where wreck see some of these differentiators and you would be able to pull out easily and see where something had a bigger impact on public safety and some of them may be neural and working within the boundaries of a treated plant it may be a wash but we may see big changes with energy or climate change or carbon footprint and those kinds of things approximate so it's pretty exiting and shortly we will be able to come and present the results of the beta test that is we have done so you can get an idea of what it would look like and how we will look at things in the future. >> part of my question goes to the enact that we don't typically get involved in a lot
of questions about which technology will be used and in the example here it looked as though it was a pretty good choice of what will be taken and it's one area better than all of the other why would you urge some thought that when you have -- that are not that clear and there are clear trade-off that is somebody has has to make between the -- a project and it's social benefits if those differences are not clear where they are significant, they should come to the commission for discussion because i'm not sure what the break is on that at what dollar level or level of significance how you describe that but you probably know it
when you see it my guess so, i think it's probably most definitely a tool for explaipging decisions that are made and as far as making them, it could be a tool for lower levels of management but some of them have to rise it is commissioners levels as well, we agree that is correct. >> and practice what we can do as part of karen's and 'em medical yo's updated is spring some of those updates to the issues as part of their report. thank you. >> yes, commissioner? i have a question i see here that we are going to do work on the existing digesters. >> that is correct. what amount of one is set aside for had a. >> we have $50 million is the aside in the ssi p to ensure that our current ones will function until we get the new ones up and running and we will
demolish them after the we get the new one and is so we are saying it's three roof and is we had emergency contract moving forward this is not to do seismic um, grade this is merely to stabilize them so they don't fail under their weight and create a nightmare for those citizens that live across the street. >> it's curious that we are doing this now that we are planning to put the new ones in. it should have been done a long time ago i was curious why it's shown here. >> other cities that are constructing like program most everybody did this we have to do an investment to keep things running and since the program took this long to be able to get started and i know we ran into this in the beginning and there
is a lot of things that failed under their weight because it failed so long before this capital investment. any further questions. >> public comment on this issue? mr. costa? item seven a. >> you have my card, right? yes. >> very good. we seem to forgot that when we had a bond measure last time around not this time but before that, the it was agreed by the commission that we would address the clean water and waste water, right? nobody mentions that and the reason why you stuck with the clap weird because they took the fancy name water system improvement project
is because of discrimination blatant discrimination that is what i write in my bloggs when i send to you all and your e-mails don't work. now, having said that, we have a task force who do you think commission suggestioned that the digesters would be one person? -- [inaudible] learning the word liquid action and unthe sites and before this goes before the public utilities commission and you gregariously said look let us take this up bay couple of years or whatever. in the deliberations gather up, presentations, nobody mentions the historical facts. nobody really gets credit to the
community. now, the chair because of his working in the environment sphere and because he has been in the bay view before and because he has been a legislature, he understand some things must be better than others who are doing things remote control and by osmosis. this must stop. this must stop. having worked for the military, let me tell you we can do this in three years on a raw footing. we should is done it seven year ago. the only reason you don't do it because our heart is not in the right place. who are those people? have this been in specific heights had this been on knob hill or in the sunset, this would not be the case. so you are all still
bringing these new people who have absolutely no idea how much the people in the bay view hunters point have suffered they have no idea. this guys should restrict not totally, and make you stand there in the night so those mosquitoeses can bite them because that is what is going to happen. that area is prone to west nile virus, thank you very much. mr. brooks? >> good afternoon commissioners aaron brooks with the san francisco green party and local grass rots organization in our constituent and first of all, i'm pleased to hear about something i didn't know about which, is that the president is the founder of the prop 65 text. it. >> is it didn't get to the legislature and so tom haden and i had to go to the voters
because i couldn't get a second anywhere in the legislation. that is a big deal. >> so i would concur with the frustration around the denialers, it's really out rages and i think that we do have a new staff now, it seems to be more proactive but, i would say really, you know crack down on progresses and report make sure that if we are still not getting fast enough action six months from now that we start crack the whip on this prompt because it cannot continue the way it is. and i know that i have seen a lot of stuff in the record we report we had today about building a huge pipeline and shuttle waste water across the settle and a lot of environmental groups were not thrilled about and are not thrilled that we are going in that direction and so a lot of
big engine here nearing to deal with the waste that comes out of the pipe but we are asking you to be cutting edge and you know renew the puc building is cutting edge on all of these thing and we need the sewer system program to go cutting edge and to may be make sure of the pelt project that are going to be done under the sewer system improvement program that weaver working at something that you commissioner torres head me talk about and then you made a request to your staff to report back on urban come post in toilets and there are some new methyls that have come out and one is a section toilet that separates the solids and deals with them right there in the residential site so they never get into the system. so we need to not only solve what is happening at the end of the pipe we need to start preventing the beginning of the pipe because
reminder folks according to tommy's report if you crunch the numbers, we could save 5 billion gallons that is billion with a b billion gallons of water every year if every is using an urban come post toilet and filler and this could mean a huge amount of toxins being mixed up with sledge in our system and so i need you to mayor sure that you have two-three appointments on those times of i want toes. >> there are two other comments, i would like to make and #1, i think that we need to be sensitive to having healthcare modalities to help monitor so that we are not down the road being held liable for
airborne contamination that we could have prevalented or at least had some impact on that it reminds me on the can says clusters in mc particle lan and parts of california and there was a high incidents of childhood cancer and it was contributed to the pesticides and that is not the matter here if you are going to move and digest a certain area you are going to have to scwaive site and in this area you don't know what you are going to find and number two you don't know what is going to emerge and from my perspective you need to be in consultation with the folks at u.k. s f or at general hospital who are dealing with these infectious disease and impacts and what may be there and that we are looking forward and moving forward to having appropriate oversight and respect to that issue. somethingly, when we are dealing
with the ammunition, i think we should put on the website a history of what has happened in the bay view and have mr. costa or somebody lune him to talk about a narrative or something on the website that we are aware of the history that has occurred there and that we are concerned there about what history will be made later because it's a major project and it's going to have a major impact on the community that rate pairs in the city of san francisco will benefit from the sacrifice of some of the members of this community and so we aught to do that because so often which, is why i hate term limits is because so many you have young legislatures that don't have the history historical frame of reference and don't know how to stop the issues from happening again and
these two commissioners here have had a huge impact including to the they have gotten things done and so they taught to be recognized for that just some thoughts. >> i think that is great and one thing that i did want to bring up is that we will be instituting the register task force which includes neighbors and residents and they will be participating with us as we move forward with the project. they were an invaluable help to get us to this point and they came to a year and-a-half ago and testified to the this commission. >> and i believe you are supporting an oral history project in the bay view is that is correct? that is what i have been told. >> commissioner the answer is yes. give credit where credit is due to. >> any other public comments on this issue?
. >> welcome commissioner. >> good afternoon on behalf of the some of the residents in the area and i want to thank you for moving forward on this project and also for future emphasize on jobs and whatever it can that i can to improvement community through the parks and garden department. if things could be expedited because of the urgency, just listening to comment again, if we look at moving this project forward as quickly as we can and again, jobs that will be created if that can be considered also. >> thank you very much for your comments. anybody else on item seven a? all right? yesk, i'm sorry ... david felt man first two comments the gray, gasoline and clean logo which was developed
for this program leading question on future presentations it was not this time but, i think it should be and it reinforces that it's not pipes vs. green infrastructure it's both and we have talked about that. >> all right. before and staff has solicited my input selfweeks ago on this and i was crick contribute and had that was reflected in the weren'ttation and i think that was helpful and i want to thank staff for that the a two major points i wanted to make on this seestrategy there needs to be a clear math through environmental review here whether it involved program e er or project e i r or some amount of negative declaration that is there is a package of project here and didn'ted on how it's packaged, things could move faster or sloar and i would hope that we don't get to the point where we have project disciple
and prim print and ready to go but now it has to sits through another three years while we go through another seek voir process and so i hope we have a strategy and that will be presented to the commission in the next opportunity whether three-six months down the road and the other point is about real estate. plutei as commissioner cane asked about real estate earlier and you are going to talk about that in a future meeting, i think you need a clear path to the real estate issues particularly at southeast with respect to the digester and central shops we have talk about these things before but i do not yet get a sense that, that path exists it's being developed but that are for me is the other critical path item to the dear dear digester project and so those are really the two thing that i
want to highly for the next presentation that i hope you will ask the staff to come back on are seek voir and real estate spell spl and i want to item on energy and environment. i think we really need to use the opportunity here to look at carbon, climate, and energy, fuel gas, and grease all as input and output to the plant and ways to make that whole and meaningful so that we are getting something out of the project that doesn't harm the environment and in fact is closes the loop on some things and finally on rate if rate are going to increase considerably i think we need to always bear that in mind and either say that we value our rate pairs and create a value for the rate pairs or something like that, that we really bear in mind and
reinforce the rate pair value that we continue to deliver. >> well the mayor made the point in the commission that you take the seat of the rate pairses. >> thank you i do. any questions for me. no i want to give you an inside view of why my brother-in-law resigned from the commission on friday due to for family reasons but he would have been a terrific voice in the s e q w a debate and i know that darryl stein berg in the state senate will be carrying the legislation and i hope many of you are a part that have discussion because it's important to chem where seek way is moving it's been a protective
device for many communities and i think it's important to be a part of that discussion and legislation and clearly with the administration in sack men tote to make sure we are in the look and know what impact these reforms and amendments are having in s e q w a and i know we are going to see changes in this legislative session. >> i agree, and congratulations to voir kin, and the time he had on his hands that he is going to be spending with the housing commission. >> years ago my son was elected president of the housing commission, any of the commissioners and any salaries is all for the public good and you two have been doing it for longer than i have and yes, i'm very proud of joaquin. thank